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About Jimi

Hello, I'm James (Jimi) O'Hagan

I am an optimistic son, father, grandfather and a fourth generation farmer, commercial fisherman, shell fisherman, forester, shipwright and construction engineer from the Twin Harbors area. I have a unique experience in the school of life that most people don’t have.

I have represented myself in civil litigation for over 25 years. My experience in civil law has shown me why our government is broken and what has to be done to fix it. I am not alone in my convictions, in 1999 a study by the justice department, called the Anti –Government Movement Guidebook concluded; our state Judges are acting criminal and they need to stop using their judicial offices for criminal activity.

Instead of heeding to these words of advice most of our judges have become more criminal to the point they are desperate individuals making unlawful decisions out of desperation. This has led our country to a Nazi Gestapo type of tyranny that we need to stop and change the direction of. Our oaths of office and our pledge of allegiance have become meaningless acts. There are no equal protections or applications of law nor are there any equal opportunities left. There is no justice for all there is only a judicial industry that thrives on stealing every economically vulnerable individual’s life, liberty and property.

If the people of the 19th district give me the opportunity to represent them I will go to Olympia and restore our domestic tranquility by addressing the violations of the separations of powers, reining in our judicial branches of government and requiring equal protections of our laws.

Optimism and industry will thrive and pessimism will diminish.


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